Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Slump Time

Been in a wee bit of a slump of late and finding it very difficult to find motivation.  Whilst I'm confident its temporary it does get a little annoying and even depressing. 

Strangely enough I've still managed to produce a rather 'cool' book.  Its only taken me 3 weeks (ahhh) and its still not finished but I really like how it looks so far.

What do you think??

Ive used an old book cover that I found at an Op Shop and placed a piece of Green leather across the front.  The covers are attached by the green strips across the spine with stitching in Cream Linen Thread.  The Coptic headband stitching at the top is my first attempt and is still a little loose. As you can see i still  have to complete the bottom headband.
Even though it looks great there are still bits and pieces that I should have done differently (such as not gluing the inside covers until I had completed the stitching Hmmmm), so this one will probably be delegated to my use only.

One thing this 'slump time' has done for me is readjust my perspective on my work and given me more of an appreciation of what I'm capable of.  So instead of mass producing for a wuick sale on madeit, Im going to follow my heart and creative whims and build books from the imagination. After all, thats why I started bookbinding and thats why I will keep going.

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