Monday, 27 August 2012

Ethical Paper & Binding

I had an email today from my madeit website.  A lovely lady had seen that I had used reflex paper on one of my books and decided to let me know that even though she loved my books, she would not be purchasing any for the simple reason I had used reflex paper.

Now initially I was little peeved at her email, but once I thought about it she is right.

Reflex is BAD !!!!!! 

Now I knew this and a few years back had made a conscious effort to change all the paper over at my workplace and had even convinced other departments to change over.  So why did I use it?????  well, I forgot!

  • I forgot that Reflex (manufactured by Australian Paper) is the largest domestic purchaser of pulplogs from Victoria's native forests and that the production of woodchips for pulp and paper is the largest driver of forest destruction in Australia.
  • I forgot about the destruction to habit and wildlife this causes.
  • I forgot about the destructive affect on our water catchment areas.
  • and  I forgot about the huge amounts of carbon being released  into the atmosphere as a result of this.

Australian Paper is still one of the largest buyers of native forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria. These forests are the most carbon dense on Earth, they are important water catchments and they are home to endangered species such as the Leadbeater Possums who's numbers are now down to less than 1000.

Whilst this wood chipping continues, we cannot, should not, support any of their paper products.

Reflex is BAD !!!

You can find lots of information at the Ethical Paper website and even which alternative products you can purchase locally.

Suffice to say, I wont continue to use Reflex or any paper product that is not ethically and environmental safely sourced in the future.

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